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Springworks® is a dramatically new highly effective exercise system on and off the Pilates equipment.

Springworks® teaches the technology of a dancer, a rock climber, a trapeze artist, and a tai chi practicer

Springworks® will add ease of movement to all other physical activities in which you engage, from sports, to yoga, to pilates, to dance, and beyond.

The technology of Springworks® is based on twisting and extensive moves, taking the body through every possible position, to insure strength and flexibility in all directions.

Springworks® teaches how to best use the body for all activities in life.

Springworks® will enhance every part of your moving life.

Springworks® will greatly improve your posture and alignment.

Springworks® is RESISTANCE STRETCHING, the newest fitness discovery.

Springworks® is SUSPENSION TRAINING, like TRX, but with springs.

Springworks® teaches relaxation of the troublesome neck muscles, which usually preform inappropriately, therefore destroying the best use of the core.

Springworks® is LOOSE POWER